Chetana Nagavajara

 The Hall, Fitzwilliam College


I went to my old College, Fitzwillam, Cambridge, for a reunion  on September 15, 2012. I was staying with a former classmate at his home near Richmond Park in London, and he drove me to Cambridge. Our class graduated in 1961; there were 7 of us studying Modern Languages, and 4 of us were there this year. That was quite an achievement, considering our age. The other 2 classmates drove hundreds of miles to meet with us. After lunch, we spent 2 hours walking around Cambridge. It was most comforting to realize that you could still walk. The last time the four of us met was 10 years ago (a few days after 9/11). We can’t wait that long for our next meeting. So it was decided that the fellow from Thailand should determine when we should meet next. Whenever he comes to England, then we’ll set up a meeting.

By the way, the oldest alumnus who showed up at College graduated in 1945! That was the spirit.
I have had the same experience with my Thepsirin alumni group as well as the Aksorasart group; these are gatherings of senior citizens. The older you become, the more attached you feel towards your institutions and your contemporaries. Is that inbreeding? Not quite!